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December 2021

Watch the entire Q&A call.

2:10 – Elaine asks to talk about team coaching. September touches on managing the dynamic and action plans.

10:50 – Elaine asks how to proceed if the team members have different goals versus one shared goal.

13:50 – September and Elaine discuss lengthy circle/group time.

18:45 – September sees the benefit of starting with both teachers for team coaching.

20:54 – What should you do if the teachers don’t want to talk about the lengthy circle/group time?

23:15 – How and when to debrief and score the TPOT?

31:58 – Elaine asks about the advantages of team coaching.

35:00 – How to handle a teacher complaining about his/her assistant teacher.

37:15 – Elaine believes she will ask them if they want to do team or individual coaching. 

38:35 – September discusses the efficiency of team coaching.

43:30 – Elaine asks if there is any data on the effectiveness of team coaching.