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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Ideas for Action


Read: Pages 158-168

Connect: Choose one idea to implement this summer, and one to implement in the fall.


  • Make sure the leader (or coach!) is vulnerable first and often
  • Overcommunicate expectations
  • Deliver the negative stuff in person
  • When forming new groups, focus on the first vulnerability and the first disagreement
  • Listen like a trampoline
  • In conversation, resist the temptation to reflexively add value
  • Use candor-generating practices like AARs, BrainTrusts, and Red Teaming
  • Aim for candor; avoid brutal honesty
  • Embrace the discomfort
  • Align language with action
  • Build a wall between performance review and professional development
  • Use flash mentoring
  • Make the leader occasionally disappear

Which ideas did you choose? How will you implement them?
Click here to enter your goal and your action steps, or click here and then click "add attachment" to upload your plan.