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Chapters 4-5

Chapter 4 – How to Build Belonging


Read: Pages 48-60

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What do you think when you read about Greg Popovich as a leader who will “tell you the truth, with no bullshit, and then he’ll love you to death”? Do you do more truth-telling, or more loving? Why? What do you think would happen if you worked to balance those two more evenly?

September marked pages 55-57 as being particularly applicable to coaching (in fact, she shared an excerpt during the April 2021 topic call). What can you do to communicate these belonging cues (You are part of this group. This group is special; we have high standards here. I believe you can reach those standards.) to your coachees?

Chapter 5 – How to Design for Belonging


Read: Pages 61-73

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Is your job to architect the greenhouse? Why or why not?

How much of your role should/does consist of forming connections between other people?

If the distance between desks matters, how can you create a sense of proximity when you are coaching virtually? Maybe this question actually means, how can we interact often enough to form a sense of closeness?

Extra Credit


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