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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Ideas for Action


Read: Pages 74-88

Connect: Choose one idea to implement this summer, and one to implement in the fall.

  • Overcommunicate your listening – body language, turn taking, avoiding interruptions
  • Spotlight your fallibility early on – open up, show you make mistakes, invite input
  • Embrace the messenger
  • Preview future connection
  • Overdo thank-yous
  • Create safe, collision-rich spaces
  • Make sure everyone has a voice (this is something that you may need to apply in leadership team meetings or other contexts more than you do in coaching meetings, though it certainly relates to listening as much as you talk in coaching meetings!)
  • Capitalize on threshold moments – such as the beginning of a school year, or the beginning of a coaching partnership AND the beginning of a coaching meeting
  • Avoid giving sandwich feedback
  • Embrace fun

(Be painstaking in the hiring process and eliminate bad apples are ideas that you probably won’t be able to implement as an instructional coach)

Which ideas did you choose? How will you implement them?
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