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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Christmas Truce, the One-Hour Experiment, and the Missileers


Read: Pages 27-47

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Pages 27-36 describe the Christmas Truce that took place in Flanders during World War I. If you are working or coaching in an environment that could be described as toxic or unsafe or negative, list at least three things that occurred to make the Christmas truce possible. How could you use each of those ideas in your context?

Teacher turnover is a huge issue in our field. Read about the one-hour WIPRO experiment on pages 36-39. How could you apply the lesson of this experiment to the onboarding process for staff members where you work? What about at the beginning of a new coaching year? List two ideas.

Chances are good that you’ve encountered a school culture similar to the culture of the missileers described on pages 40-46. Does this make you want to give up? Do you believe that belonging cues can be enough to overcome the challenges inherent in education today?